Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Introduction from a very charismatic Shiba :

Hello, everyone! My name is Ayato (it means "the one who manipulates or renders manually," as in the context of music), and I am an 11-month old male Shiba Inu living in Queens, NY with my two Humans (Mama and Papa), and my kitten, Illy (more on him later). Welcome to "Fuun!" What is "Fuun"? Well, typically, it's a Japanese onomatopoeia meaning "Hmpt" or "Hmph." It is also a way of life, like Bushido is for Samurai. There is a delicate balance to being cute and using it to get out of all sorts of trouble, like chewing on wood, metal, plastic, pretty much anything Mama and Papa spend currency on!

As far as my hobbies go, I enjoy long walks, chewing things that make Mama and Papa freak out, hunting everything from toys to squirrels (and ducks!), and playing with my friends. I like going out on my morning walk because one of the nice men that takes care of my apartment complex gives me treats every morning, and then a neighbor gives me more treats before dinner! And I don't have to do anything but sit there and smile! I've trained them so well! I sleep a lot of the time, after all, I need my beauty sleep... usually on Mama and Papa's bed (I like Papa's side the best), and plotting world domination. I consider myself a very political individual, constantly protesting the poor treatment of Shibas in Uganda and similar countries.* Someday, I will rule this world, and my subjects will bow before the power of my mighty Fuun ways!

Ok, you're boring me, so I'm going to go chew on my bone. Or maybe the sofa! Bye!

*Note: Shibas are not indigenous to Uganda, nor are they mistreated by any Ugandans at all. Ayato's parents do not endorse any of his claims to Shiba abuse, nor any military actions against a country he has randomly picked to harass.


  1. Very Cute! Love the writing style and the funny drawings on the pictures.

  2. I love the blog and the decoration on the photos! You take such care in your blog. (I feel inadequate now!)