Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, food in my Tummy....

Ok! Welcome back! I knew you'd be here... nobody can resist my charms! While everything I do is special, this post is extra-special because it discusses Illy! Illy's real name is Illidan, after the character from the Warcraft series. Mama and Papa are die-hard World of Warcraft fans and play it as much as they can... until I intervene during boss battles by attacking a shoe or the dishwasher. Anyway, on to Illy....

Mama and Papa saw Illy at the Mad Scientist Lab* while going to get my heartworm medication. They brought me in to inspect, and after meeting approval with their Shiba-in-Chief, they adopted the kitten (formerly named Spock). The first night was a total disaster. Illy got afraid, and when I tried to ease his discomfort by throwing all fifty Shiba-pounds of myself on top of him to play, Mama and Papa freaked. The next day, Illy almost went back, but I suggested that Illy have a cage to be safe in while I happily patrolled its perimeter. The situation was brilliant, being my idea, of course. Still, I do not refer to the cat by the name the Humans give him. Since he is MY kitten, after all, I have named him "Lunch."

I love Lunch! I try to Shiba-launch myself at him every opportunity, but Mama and Papa hold Lunch just out of reach. I say Fuun to them! Every so often, though, they let me see my Lunch and I give him a good licking. He's so tasty! And Lunch loves me, even if it is usually through the prison bars of a baby gate. My favorite kitten game is Lunch In The Bed, where he runs into Mama and Papa's boxspring and hides, while I run in circles around the bed convincing him to come and join me for a snack. Lunch is quite fast food, I have to say, and can elude me behind certain pieces of furniture.

So that's the story of Lunch. Everyone should have one! I'm going to go find me some right now! Bye bye!

*Note: Not all Veterinarians are Mad Scientists, and Ayato's vet is one of the nicest people on Earth.

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