Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let's go Tigers!!

Ah, the great outdoors! I love playing games, especially Shiba Fetch! It's different from regular Fetch, and Mama and Papa have issues with the rules. For Shiba Fetch, you need a Shiba and a ball. But, when the human throws the ball, they get a return chomp from the Shiba to show love and affection and joy. This is where I get yelled at. Often times, Mama and Papa will end the game because they don't like the rules. Even Lunch tries to play Shiba Fetch with me... although he volunteers to be the ball and there's no throwing involved. Where Lunch is concerned, he launches himself somewhere and I chase him. If I can catch him, he gets his "good job" bite, to which Mama and Papa abruptly end the game. Fuun to them! I'll just have to keep teaching them how to play properly and accept it as the way it is.

* Note : The notes on the photo are as follows :
(in voice bubble)
"Wa~! Watashi no Bo-ru!" << "Wa~ (sound of wonderment) My Ball!">>
(note on the bottom) " Watashi wa Hanshin Tigers no gei-mu ni ikitai to omou..." << " I want to go to a Hanshin Tigers game.. " >>

* The Hanshin Tigers are a very famous Baseball Team in the Kansai Region of Japan

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