Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We are paradise!

Many people say "such-and-such thinks they're God's gift to humanity." Well, I object! In fact, I give a big, fat "Fuuuuun!~" to anyone who thinks they are a gift to the world. We Shibas are clearly the ONLY gift God gave to the world (after all, how can you top that?). No, really, it's in the Bible!

~When the Man and his wife were banished from paradise, they called out to the Lord, begging for forgiveness. And the Lord said, "You have eaten of the forbidden tree, and thus you cannot enter paradise. Behold, I give unto you both a gift, to forever remind you of My glory." And so it was that the Shiba descended from on high; the man and the woman both gazed upon its magnificence and gave praise and glory to the Lord. And the man said, "I shall give you a name, as I have done to all the other creatures," but the Shiba rebuked him and said, "Our name is Shiba, and you shall forever remember it as such. While you may govern and subdue all the other creatures, the Shiba shall act of its own accord." This is why a Shiba, unlike any other creature stays by a man's side and refuses to obey anything.~

See? See? It's there and it's true! We are the higher species!

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